Road Tax and MOT Reminder

Android Home Screen Widget

Don't miss another road tax or mot expiry ever again!

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Don't miss another road tax or mot expiry ever again!

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Expressive Coloring


Expires in a month

Expiry within a day

Adaptive Text Size

resizing the widget updates font sizes for better fit and easier readability

Dark Theme Support

turn dark mode always on or adapt to android system by default

Road Tax and MOT Reminder Widget Logo

Simple Configuration

Easily set up widgets by entering the vehicle's registration number then place them anywhere on the device's home screen. Road tax and MOT data is served from official DVLA source. Widgets are refreshed periodically or tap to update immediately.

Each widget is configured separately to identify the vehicle by

  • Year of manufacture and make
  • Full registration number
  • Partial registration number

Show road tax and mot expiry dates as

  • Remaining days countdown
  • British date format (Day/Month/Year)
  • European date format (Year.Month.Day)

Free Download

Download the Road Tax and MOT Widget free to place a single widget on the home screen of your phone to show road tax and MOT expiry dates.

Premium Version

Subscribe to premium for only £0.59/year to get the following benefits:

No Adverts

The premium version contains no adverts

No Permissions

Requires internet access only

Unlimited Widgets

Place a reminder widget for each vehicle without limits

Works Great on Tablets

Designed for mobile phones and tablets running android version at least 5

Tablet screenshots

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